Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seattle Microhousing (Apodments)

10:09 AM
The recent trend in Seattle toward very small living spaces with communal kitchens and showers in new construction in dense, walkable communities has met with both acclaim and with trepidation. These "aPodments," as they are known, have come under fire lately. Advocates claim that they provide more affordable housing for young working professionals; neighbors claim that it depresses property values and attracts undesirable residents.

How much do you know about this topic, as it relates to Seattle housing? Test your knowledge here, and we will provide correct answers in tomorrow's blog:

By the year 2020, Seattle’s population is expected to grow by:
a)      50,000 residents
b)      134,000 residents
c)       257,000 residents
d)      Not expected to increase

Seattle microhousing units (apodments) are typically
a)      100 sf or less
b)      101-350 sf
c)       351-500 sf
d)      501-650 sf

Microhousing is constructed to the same fire and building codes as other buildings in Seattle. True or False?

The number of microhousing units slated to enter the Seattle rental housing market is
a)      1000
b)      2371
c)       5000
d)      7783

The monthly rental price of an average studio apartment in Seattle as of April 2013:
a)      $775
b)      $991
c)       $1031
d)      $1200

Seattle’s median income (according to the 2010 census) is:
a)      $45,215
b)      $60,665
c)       $63,350
d)      $65,125

Microhousing is more expensive per square foot than regular apartments. True or False?


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