Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SE Seattle Bus Tour - Reviews

11:49 AM
Here are a few more reviews of last week's bus tour of SE Seattle, sponsored by REAPS:

"I believe it was very valuable and well organized. I only wish I had entered this market earlier, but have full intentions of going there now! Thank you so much Wendy!"
--Steve Erland, REAPS investor and ferry boat captain

" It was good meeting you. Great job on the event, the tour was well done and worthwhile. I would recommend it to others.

The only thing I might change is to offer more in the way of networking after the event. For example, a lunch opportunity in one of the Columbia City restaurants would have been lovely."

--Ann Sammon, real estate broker
"I really liked it. Got to get the story about the area for both general interest and for investing purposes. The presenters were very valuable to have ready to explain and give some historical perspectives and address concerns (eg small guys vs institution), incentives. Not sure if every year would make sense. I would get a bit more from a repeated tour but would want more “new” information.

I would recommend it for folks to learn about the market and the programs/incentives available. Maybe more time afterwards to network and meet with the various presenters afterwards. I would present less upfront – incorporate while on bus and then chat afterwards. We will have seen what presenters are referring to after the tour. The upfront intro lengths were good – not too short but not excessive that gets everyone itching to go. Thanks for bringing refreshments.

The other thought I had was whether this is even appropriate for beginner real estate investors. There is so much to start in RE investing; I’d put development at least a rung or two up the ladder. Not to be exclusive for the sake of exclusivity but to help raise the level of conversation of the group. There were definitely seasoned people but also some very new people to RE. But if they want to  start a business (nonRE), this is very applicable."

--Angel Prentiss, REAPS investor


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