Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seattle Investment Tour

8:16 AM

Today is the LAST day to register for the SE Seattle Tour for real estate investors, scheduled for this Friday May 17 and sponsored by the Real Estate Association of Puget Sound (REAPS). Co-sponsors include the Rainier Chamber of Commerce and the SE Seattle Business Roundtable.

Get a close look at current investments and projects in the area

Benefit from a customized orientation to the resources and opportunities in SE Seattle for investors

See why Rainier Valley is a viable place to do business and commercial investment, because of its amenities and location.

Meet other innovative investment visionaries

Learn about favorable lease rates and financial incentives for investors  that are unique to this area.

SE Seattle is a large area of the city of Seattle with great access to transportation, transit (including 5 stops on Link Light Rail), downtown, the eastside and south county. The mix of residential, commercial and industrial makes it an ideal location to invest and bring new business opportunities. Lake Washington, Seward Park and Kubota Gardens are the most well-known of our natural beauty, but there are many other parks and green spaces. Other amenities include: NW African American Museum, Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center, Amy Yee Tennis Center, Filipino Community Center, to name a few.

It is not only diverse in its ethnicity but also in its social economic status. Tour guests will be able to see the variety that exists and what makes SE Seattle such a unique area with a lot of investment potential.

I will be organizing the tour, along with SE Seattle business leaders Jean Veldwyk, Wayne Lau and Susan Davis. The tour includes the following neighborhoods: Judkins/Dearborn, Mt. Baker, Seward Park, Columbia City, Othello, Graham, Hillman City and Rainier Beach. Our primary routes will be on Rainier Ave., MLK, Jr. Way and Lake Washington Blvd, with side trips on east-west streets. The tour will include commercial, industrial and residential investment opportunities.

8:00 Arrive at the Rainier Chamber of Commerce
8:15 Welcome and Presentation
8:30 Bus Tour
11:00 Return and Final Review
11:30 Conclude

The bus ride will have three or four guides and the rest of the group will consist of REAPS organizers and guests. We will provide coffee and continental breakfast, as well as current demographic/commercial information for tour guests.

$39 for REAPS members;

$59 for non-members.
For more information or to pre-register, please visit the REAPS website at

and now for the answers to yesterday's blog: the correct answer to all multiple choice questions was "b"; and the other T/F statements were both true. The cost to build regular apartments is approximately $1.85 per square foot vs. $3.24/sf for Seattle microhousing.


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