Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rules for Being Human

6:49 AM
I am reading a terrific book by John C. Maxwell entitled "Failing Forward." I have read several Maxwell books on leadership and enjoyed them all. This one is premised on the notion that what separates successful individuals from others is their ability to deal with failure.
Failure, errors and mistakes are an inevitable part of life - yet they should not defeat us. They should provide guidance in making progress.
There are so many good quotations in this book, that I will try to share a few with my blog readers that I especially liked. For example, here is one called Rules for Being Human:
Rule #1: You will learn lessons.
Rule #2: There are no mistakes - only lessons.
Rule #3: A lesson is repeated until it is learned.
Rule #4: If you don't learn the easy lessons, they get harder. (Pain is one way the universe gets your attention}.
Rule #5: You'll know you learned a lesson when your actions change.

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