Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Property Management

1:57 PM
I manage rental properties in both my own portfolio and for clients. Here are the goals that I try to achieve in renting out property: 1. Collect rent: no vacancy; all tenants pay on time 2. Insulate the property owner from problems 3. Fast response to property repairs / eliminate unnecessary repairs 4. Quality maintenance and repairs at a fair price 5. Accurate and timely accounting and distributions to property owners 6. Good written and verbal communication with property owner 7. Prevent and eliminate tenant drama situations 8. Strong availability to prospective tenants (nights / weekends) 9. Value priced management 10. Quickly return owner phone calls & emails 11. Identify opportunities for proactive rent increases 12. Identify opportunities for reducing operating expenses For more information on property management services offered by Home Land Seattle, please contact Wendy at or call 425-270-7292.


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