Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Living in Downtown Seattle

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Happy New Year!

I love living in this city - and I love helping people find the housing arrangement that works best for them. For some, the allure of living right in the heart of downtown Seattle is irresistible....

Have you ever longed to live in luxury, with the hustle and swing of the city, but the convenience of living in a central location? Downtown Seattle is one of the BEST cities in the United States which offers you convenience, services, luxury, and a unique community that just won’t quit!

Downtown Seattle is unique in that it hosts major businesses, several sports and event venues, parks, waterfront tourism/services, outdoor markets, great pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes galore. Entertainment is never ending in this sleepless city. Theaters, opera, ballet, movie houses, outdoor concerts, festivals, art galleries, and community events are boundless in the downtown area. For those that are more into finding the unique deals and boutiques of an area; Downtown Seattle has that too! Local shops, markets, and buskers (street vendors) give great diversity to any person’s shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for a gift, a memory, or a quiet spot to take in the sights, Downtown Seattle stretches its boundaries to suit your needs.

In the central area, businesses are surrounded by unique shops, eats, and art exhibits both in store fronts and out on the streets. Near the south side a large International district that hosts many wonderful eateries, gift shops, discount prices, and Seattle’s large sporting/events venues: Convention Center, Mariner’s & Seahawks/Sounders stadiums. In the northern part of downtown, just passed Seattle’s famous Pike’s Place Market, the Seattle Center and Space Needle sit a short distance away from the hub of skyscrapers. This area hosts an unbelievable amount of entertainment and services; from festivals and concerts to grocery stores, chic cafes, dinner theater and more!

Even with the compact and busy nature of the downtown area, transportation and commutes around here are A+! With transportation options like the light rail, monorail, South Lake Union Transit, biking, bus, the Duck, car, and more; makes this area popular for all types of commuters! Condos dominate this trendy market, making living in downtown Seattle possible almost anywhere, from next to the Space Needle to a top a high-rise, or even in historic buildings!

The housing market in Downtown Seattle is in a higher price range than most of Seattle, however you pay for convenience, amenities, security, and the lifestyle. It’s no wonder, with a draw like Seattle’s downtown area that this housing market is 7th in the nation according to 2013 Emerging Trends in Real Estate report. Median home sales price start around $550K, with the average rentals starting around $2000-$2500.

With this hot market, there’s no time to delay. This time last year only 28 units were available for rent in ALL of downtown. Don’t miss the small window of opportunity to get into this alluring spot, where downtown living and Seattle’s unique atmosphere combine to create a great lifestyle value!

For a FREE list of properties for sale in downtown Seattle, please contact or call me at 425-270-7292.

Happy New Year!


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