Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Time Home Buyer Workshop in Seattle

1:35 PM
for artists!
First Time Home Buyer Workshop for Artists
Sponsored by Artist Trust
Using “Square Feet Seattle” as the curriculum

6-8pm, Thursday, January 10, 2013
Velocity Dance Center, 1621 12th Avenue, Seattle

$8, members; $10, non-members

Presenters: Libby Gerber, Artist Trust Seattle Arts and Cultural Affairs Director Randy Engstrom Wendy Ceccherelli, Owner/Broker, ArtHaven Michelle Taul, Director’s Mortgage Garbo Grossman, Homestead Community Land Trust

(0:00-0:10) Welcome, Introductions, Purpose of Workshop (Artist Trust)
(0:10-0:20) Square Feet Seattle: Table of Contents (Randy Engstrom / Wendy Ceccherelli)
(0:20-0:30) Chapter One – Getting Ready (Ceccherelli)
(0:30-0:40) Chapter Two – Worksheets for Buying and Leasing (Ceccherelli)
(0:40-0:50) Chapter Five – Finding Property (Ceccherelli)
(0:50-0:55) Chapter Four – Working with an Agent (Ceccherelli)
(0:55-1:05) Chapter Eleven – Ownership Models (Ceccherelli)
(1:05-1:15) Chapter Three – Credit (Michelle Taul- Director’s Mortgage)
(1:15-1:35) Chapters Nine and Ten – Residential Mortgages (Taul)
(1:35-1:50) Chapter Eight – Buying Residential Real Estate (Garbo Grossman - Homestead)
(1:50-2:00) Q&A
(02:00) Adjourn


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