Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Real Estate Deals of the Day

10:48 AM
Finding the best deals in real estate just got easier. provides several tools for homebuyers, sellers, investors and real estate brokers that streamline the process of identifying good realestate deals. One of their key offerings is ‘Top Deals of the Day’, a daily email subscription service that serves up both newly listed or just price reduced properties that have been determined to be a good deal. Properties are analyzed and ranked against the local real estate market using a stars system,with 5 stars being the best potential deal. I used the "Top Deals of the Day" to identify the cash-flowing Ballard rental property I bought at the end of the summer. It is a great service! The engine behind the property analysis is QVM, a top rated automated valuation engine (AVM). QVM is a real-time analytics engine that produces the property’s value, and unlike traditional valuation platforms, QVM results in Qvalue (estimated value for the property at average condition) and Qequity (percentage of potential equity relative to the property’s list price). These two values are consistently updated as the market changes. In addition to ‘Top Deals of the Day’, the site offers more resources for buyers and sellers. Those looking for good real estate deals can customize their search experience to zero in on good deals that meet their specific criteria. Sellers have the ability to test out suggested listing prices for a property and see how competitive that price is against the other properties on the market. RankYourHome will save you time and help you make better investing decisions in today’s changing real estate market. Readers of this blog get the best pricing on this service: Readers, be sure to use the Coupon “WENDY” when you purchase a subscription for “Top Deals of the Day” from There is an easy to notice “Coupon” field on the Subscription Center page, right before making a payment. Prices for my blog readers are as follows: · Monthly: $10 / month per county · 6 months: $9 / month per county (total payment of $54) · Annual: $8 / month per county (total payment of $96) – best deal This offer provides savings of up to 66% off regular pricing. They offer a free 30-day trial at: Check it out today and experience the benefits of RankYourHome.


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