Monday, December 10, 2012

Living in Magnolia

11:23 AM
Seattle is a city of great neighborhoods. One of the most desirable neighborhoods is Magnolia, and here is why: Magnolia is a quiet neighborhood nestled along a large park that rests along a bluff overlooking the Puget Sound, where it got its name from the trees - Madronas which a naval geographer in the mid 1800’s mistakenly called Magnolias. Like Magnolias this neighborhood has unusual roots with a flowering community. Magnolia is a peninsula situated on Elliot Bay between Ballard, Capitol Hill, and Downtown Seattle.
Accessible by three bridges‚ Magnolia is a special place to live and visit‚ yet it still retains a small town atmosphere where you can easily get to know your neighbors. At home in Magnolia's four square miles is the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound, Discovery Park (Fort Lawton), a state-of-the-art water treatment plant largely hidden by foot paths and creative landscaping, and Fishermen's Terminal, which berths much of Puget Sound's fishing fleet. The Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle has a remarkable and unique business district. The center is known as the 'village' and is home to some of Seattle's top award-winning restaurants and coffee shops, well known specialty shops and professional services. The outer rim of this unique neighborhood is home to marine business bordering the Fisherman’s Terminal with docks for the fishing industry. Also, scattered throughout Magnolia are numerous small independent businesses. Discovery Park is one of Seattle’s largest and most beautiful parks, covering 534 acres. There are also a great number of "pocket-parks" throughout the neighborhood. Another popular place is the West Point Lighthouse that was built in 1881. Seafair’s Magnolia Summer Festival in August features juried art shows, live stage entertainment, food vendors, and a sidewalk sale. Throughout the year events are held for the seasons, recreation, and just for fun! The farmers’ market happens every Saturday and hosts a large vendor base. The community support, chamber of commerce, and participation in events and involvement of the Magnolia area makes this a unique and close-knit neighborhood with outstanding views within the big city. Over half of the existing community is made up of families, followed closely by the young single crowd which makes up over 30% of Magnolia. The median income in this area is 40% higher than city and national averages. With a population of about 17,000 the density of people per a square mile is less than half of Seattle’s average. The median rent of this area ranges from approximately $900-$1300, and an average home sales price of $775,000. Magnolia also has a high instance of 3+ bedroom houses, most likely due to the spacious layout and intentions for this neighborhood. Most residents in this area can expect less than a 30-minute commute time to downtown Seattle, and about 10 miles to the airport. For a free list of homes for sale in the Magnolia neighborhood, please contact me directly at or call 425-270-7292.


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