Sunday, November 18, 2012

Prospering with Value Added Real Estate

10:40 AM
A big thank you to those of you who showed up yesterday in Bremerton for the first power point presentation that my business partner Bob Malecki and I did on "Prospering with Value-Added Real Estate."
Bob and I have just launched a new private equity fund called REI Capital, and have begun the process of raising the five million dollars to establish it. A small group of friends, family and associates joined us yesterday to hear our educational presentation on why we think real estate is such a good investment right now, and different options for investing in real estate.

We are repeating our presentation for Seattle friends, family and associates today at 3pm at the Washington Hall at 14th and Fir in Seattle's central district. This is a fabulous cultural facility with a rich history, being renovated by Historic Seattle - a fitting setting for discussing the importance of investing in real estate.

Please come join us if you are in the neighborhood, or contact us at to learn about other upcoming educational opportunities on real estate investing.


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