Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Living in Queen Anne

4:48 PM
With the proximity, the amenities, and the excitement of downtown Seattle,Queen Anne is your ticket to living to in the heart of the city. Queen Anne is located northwest of downtown Seattle,
resting on top of a hill which was once a popular spot for early economic and cultural
elite to build their mansions.

Queen Anne is bordered by Belltown, Lake Union, Magnolia, and the Lake Washington Ship Canal. Queen Anne houses a population of about 32,000 residents. Queen Anne hosts 7 of the city’s 20 steepest streets, and maintains approximately 120 pedestrian staircases; an urban hiker’s paradise.

Lower Queen Anne hosted the Seattle World’s Fair site in 1962, which is now the
site for the iconic Space Needle, Center House, Pacific Science Center, EMP Museum,
entrance to the monorail, and Seattle Center campus. The convention center and other
venues nearby provide this neighborhood with endless entertainment. Queen Anne is
the perfect place to be sleepless in Seattle!

Renters mostly dominate the market in Queen Anne, with homeowners sharing
just under 40% of the housing units. That makes this neighborhood a desirable and
trendy spot for urban-go-getters to congregate, even night owls have found this perch to be
top notch, and more than urban wildlife thrive here!

Queen Anne has its own weekly community newspaper, and holds farmers
markets from June through October. This location is within walking distance of coffee shops,
restaurants, theaters, bars, movie houses, ballet, opera and more.

Most transportation in Seattle have stops in or within minutes of Queen Anne
which range from bus, taxi, and light rail, to rickshaw, skateboard, or car.

For families in the area, both public and private school options are available in
the neighborhood; 2 elementary schools, a middle school, the Center School, and 5
private K-12 schools. A little known fact about this neighborhood is its abundance of
parks; with 25 city-maintained parks on its list, Queen Anne is ripe for play, hikes, and
other community events in residential areas.

The median home sales price for the area is around $760k, which is reflected in
the higher than average median income. Most homes in the area are small and house only a few bedrooms without much space. The demographics of this neighborhood tend
to attract young power adults and students. It retains its reputation as being one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Seattle.

Whether being an urban-trendsetter or someone who likes to be in the thick of
it, this entire neighborhood is sure to please. Residential areas are green, quiet, and
cozy, transportation and entertainment are a few steps away, and there’s always
something on the calendar in this community.

If you are interested in living here, I have a rental coming available in December. Rent by the room, or the entire four-bedroom house. For more details, please call my 24/7 information hotline at 888-621-4999.


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