Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Granite Countertop Alternatives

1:06 PM
Granite countertops are a class on its own. Whether you have decided to go with granite in your kitchen or bathroom, there are other alternatives to consider as well. We tend to follow trends, because that is what we hear, and see. Granite has always been very popular, but others may surprise you with a different look, and feel.

Glass Tile: Aside from the obvious appearance, and how this material pairs with natural light, this choice will get you a scratch and fade free surface. Its finish is mildew and mold free, and the colors are endless giving you many options in style, design, and overall look.

Richlite: This 100% eco-friendly paper composite is made of recycled material that is non-toxic. It is heat, stain, and scratch resistance. Richlite also comes in many colors, and the color is throughout. Due to the make of the material, its temperature is warm in-comparison to marble or granite. Richlite is fabricated on the spot, and is very durable.

Quartz: Very durable, man-made, stain, and crack resistance. Quartz comes in a wide range of colors, though expensive, and not heat tolerant.

Soapstone: A natural stone that has quite a bit of quartz in it. Very durable with a smooth matte finish. Requires some maintenance (oiling and buffing), color darkens with age.   

Concrete: Heat resistant, and if properly sealed; very durable. This look is not for everyone. It gives off an industrial appearance, and can be very expensive with person customization.

Lava Stone: A new, but very expensive volcanic stone material. This product is heat resistant, scratch, and stain free. It is extremely durable, and is available in a wide range of colors.

Stainless Steel: This is 100% recyclable, and very durable, impervious to any stains and heat, can be cut to size. Unfortunately, this material is prone to dents and scratches.


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