Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6 Checkpoint List For A Smooth Bathroom Renovation

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The idea of a bathroom renovation is a dreamy idea with endless options, and potential. If you are not prepared, it can be a nightmare. So before you take a trip to the local tile store or begin speaking with contractors, know where you stand before being told where to. Below you will find a 6 checkpoint list for a smooth bathroom renovation.


Don’t wait to be told how much a project would cost. Know what you have to spend, and this includes material as well as labor. This magic number is very important as it will help you in deciding where on the scale your budget falls. Don’t ever take on a project with smoky mirrors in compromising your budget. You may love the idea of having the ultimate bathroom, but will hate it over time if you are financially strapped because of it.


No matter what you are told, whether it is days for a small project to be completed or weeks for a larger one, factor in worse case when it comes to “out of use”. Sometimes there are unforeseen things that happen to cause a delay. If your walls have never been exposed, you do not know what you may find. Hidden problems are expected, water damage as an example can be a hindrance depending on the severity and required repair. Allow more than enough time, and have alternative options ready. This is huge for a residence with only one bathroom, and a family.


When the idea of a bathroom renovation calls to action you should know what direction you wish to go, and why. The idea of a “full gut” can be scary, but if you are mentally prepared for what needs to take place to achieve the result, you will not be quick to jump when you hear the old tile hit the floor. We have found that when a customer thinks a renovation through, it is not as overwhelming. There are many factors to consider like the style of tile, fixtures, lighting, pattern, design, color, type of tub, and sink. Are you rearranging the plumbing? When these factors are not taken into account they can add a lot of confusion to the vision of the result. Know what you wish the bathroom renovation to look like. Sometimes going for an upscale look without creating a hole in your wallet can be as easy as pairing different styles. Always consider functionality into the bathroom renovation equation, and whether it will serve everyone’s lifestyle.


When it comes to bathroom renovations, size matters. Whether you are doing a one for one exchange in vanities, to tubs, moving electrical fixtures, know and be sensitive to measurements. In a small bathroom every inch counts, you will be surprised how much room a larger vanity and toilet can consume. Just because it looks great on the shelf, it does not mean it will work the same in your bathroom. Carefully monitor colors as well. Depending on your choice, a darker tone in tile can make a small bathroom appear a lot smaller.


A handyman should never be confused with an experienced contractor. Your bathroom renovation can uncover hidden issues that your neighborhood handyman may not know how to address. The bargain can be great in the beginning, and surprise you in paying double in the end. The old saying stands “if you want something done right……”. Reliable contractors are licensed, insured and should be an expert in your area of choice in renovation.

Hardware and fixtures

Sometimes, just a coat of paint, a change in hardware and fixtures can immediately spruce a space. When you are considering a bathroom renovation, opt to start with small changes before you take on the larger one. You would be surprised what high-end fixtures like matching faucets, shower-body, and trim can do. It may buy you some time to save a little more money if the bathroom renovation is paramount.


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