Thursday, October 11, 2012

The New Entrepreneur

3:57 PM
At a recent Business Matchmaking Entrepreneurs Forum that I attended, Brian Burch of Symantec outlined the types of people most likely to join today's ranks of entrepreneurs.

They include workers that were recently laid off in the current economic downturn. 30% of the 9 million people who lost jobs were professional white collar and technical workers at the peak of their careers.

Recent college graduates unable to find employment in the current job market have decided to start their own businesses. This includes some of the 20% of Wharton's recent graduating MBAs who found themselves out of work after graduation.

Newly un-retired seniors who lost their retirement savings in the stock market downturn have returned to the workforce as entrepreneurs with experience and skills.

And finally, many stay-at-home spouses have discovered on-line businesses or other entrepreneurial endeavors that allow them to supplement the family income while working the hours they desire without the hassle or commute of a rigid 9-5 schedule.

This new breed of entrepreneurs has the background to become a real economic force in today's small business sector.


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