Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All About Ballard

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Imagine summer breezes coming from Salmon Bay and the Puget Sound, watch salmon runs at the Locks, and explore the rich festivals, Scandinavian culture, and fishing industry in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Ballard was in fact its own city until annexed into Seattle in 1907. Ballard communities include Sunset Hill, Loyal Heights, and Whittier Heights.

One of Ballard’s most popular destinations is the Ballard Locks, fish ladder, and Botanical Garden. Here you can enjoy boat traffic, biking/walking paths, and beautiful year-round foliage. Ballard also has several neighborhood parks within minutes of residential areas, shopping, restaurants, art walks & film screenings, dance & fitness classes, and a plethora of festivals.

According to Business Week, Ballard is actually listed as the number 8 TOP SELLING neighborhood in the nation! The median home sale price is below $500,000. Most homes in this area were built around the 1940’s. Rentals in Ballard are becoming very popular, aided by an emergence of 20-35 year-olds moving to the community. Median rental prices are around $1,000 and are convenient to services and transportation, which has made Ballard a hot spot in the real estate market.

Ballard’s community is full of amenities for families, singles, travelers, with abundant local hang outs. Ballard high school is the 2nd biggest public high school in the city of Seattle with almost 1,700 students. Ballard hosts several museums, and is within minutes of Oak Tree Village shopping center. With a population of around 32,000 people, Ballard is less dense than the average Seattle neighborhood, with plenty of green space and views of the water.

Transportation in and around Ballard is convenient with the average commute being 20-30 minutes, and about 40% of residents finding alternative methods for traveling to work. The most common career field for Ballard residents is business, management, computer, science, and engineering, architecture, and community services. Ballard residents have  a median income of $65,000.

Ballard’s waterfront promenade boasts beautiful views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, leading  into Golden Gardens, an expansive beachfront park. Even canine visitors love the off-leash play area up the hill. 

Recent development has turned this one time blue-collar enclave into a hip, urban village; however Ballard still maintains its quaint storefronts and pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.
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