Friday, September 28, 2012

New Real Estate Investment Fund!

2:34 PM

Real Estate investors Bob Malecki and Wendy Ceccherelli announce the formation of REI Capital, a $5 million real estate investment fund designed to capitalize on opportunities within the distressed real estate market locally and nationally. REI Capital was founded to leverage investment opportunities through the acquisition of value-added properties that produce positive cash flow and/or a substantial equity upside. 

Our team of industry experts offer a diverse array of abilities within the real estate sector. Co-founder Bob Malecki is experienced in acquisition, rehabilitation, lease, finance, and resale of residential and commercial real estate, and has established power teams in Memphis, Oklahoma City and the greater Seattle area to facilitate creative strategies to acquire real estate at below market rates for disposition of those properties for significant gains. Bob has also been involved in commercial advertising and marketing. 

Co-founder Wendy Ceccherelli  is a full-time real estate investor and designated broker with Home Land Investment Properties, Inc. She is experienced in both residential and commercial real estate transactions and property management. Previously she spent over 25 years as an executive in both private and government sectors, distributing almost $15 million in funding. 

REI Capital is advised by Jillian Sidoti, a securities attorney who specializes in transactional legal matters, and also spends time speaking at real estate seminars on how to raising capital for investment projects. She currently teaches Finance and Accounting for the BS and MBA programs at University of Redlands. 

The principals are key advisors in the Puget Sound area, providing educational and strategic advice to real estate investors. They are frequent speakers and guest lecturers on distressed real estate investing at professional symposiums. 

 REI Capital is dedicated to expanding knowledge and market returns, especially during this economic downturn. Visit us at for more information and contact details.


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